Von R. Glitschka

graphic designer & illustrator
Location: Salem, Oregon

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How did you become a designer/artist?

Fear of math and the fact I couldn’t make it as a professional midget juggler. Been doodling since I was two years old and have never stopped. When I was old enough to figure out I could continue to do this and make a living it was a no-brainer. I originally wanted to go into the film industry but since our career center in high school was pre-Internet and the counselor was lazy all she recommended was an art school in Seattle. So I decided to go there. That whole three-year experience opened my eyes to the world of design. Typefaces, color schemes, composition, balance, conceptualizing and then creating instantly fascinated me and awoke my own creative sense that was inside lying dormant. Since I was an Apple fan from day one (certified MAC geek now) the dawn of the computer age in our industry fueled the passion further and I’ve never looked back.

Where are you from originally?

Born in Seattle I grew up in Olympia the state capital of Washington. Lived in California for three years but got sick of the rat race and moved back to the Pacific Northwest in 2000.

What are you doing now?

Other then answering these questions I started my own design firm back in 2002 and it’s been growing each year and the type of work we do covers a broad range of clientele and projects, which is very rewarding and never boring. Personally my favorite type of work is logo/brand development. I think I like it because it’s like design investigation. The solution is out there and I have to find it, conceptually speaking. Those sudden “Ah hah” moments when you know you nailed a winning solution is what makes me enjoy the whole creative process. Since I enjoy illustration a lot of my solutions have an illustrative bent to them and that has created a nice niche and extended the base of services we offer larger agencies we work with.

What are your plans for the future?

Work on the design/development of new products. I just finished designing a whole line of Barbie® and Bratz® licensed products for a sports company in California, which was a new experience for me. It was great and I was able to get my two daughters involved and give me feedback on the work. I also have a concept for a product line of collectible stickers I plan on pitching to a few companies I have contacts with. 

What American artist inspires you most?

Norman Rockwell did growing up as well as MAD magazine and anything Star Wars. The art that really fascinates me now is ‘Kinetic Sculpture’. The work of David C. Roy is absolutely amazing! I was able to purchase one of his sculptures last year and it’s hanging in my studio and never ceases to get comments. You can see his work at:

What unlocks your creativity?

My problem is that it’s never locked up. I am always thinking. Some days I can’t draw a stick figure and it’s those days I take off and go see a good movie. But if anything facilitates my creativity on a daily basis it is a Grande sugar-free vanilla latte with non-fat milk.