Oz Durham

graphic designer
Location: New York, New York.
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How did you become a designer?

Ever since I was a child the arts have always interest me. But I’ve never dreamt of being anything when I was young. I didn’t know what I wanted to become nor did I care. I was too busy playing with my friends, having fun and chasing girls. I had no time to dream. My fascination for Graphic Design began while I was a student at Sullivan County College. Before attending SCC, I had no clue as to what a Graphic Designer did. After my very first design class, I decided that I wanted a career as a Graphic Designer. That became my main objective and my focus.

Where are you from originally?

I was born in the caribbean, on a small island called St. Vincent. Beautiful place to vacation, but not to live. My mother came to the United States first, then a few years later, she sent for her family. I moved to the States at age nine. I could remember the first time I saw snow. I was so excited and amazed by it.

Any advice or tips to novice designers?

I’m not one to give advice. All I can say is to simply do your best. Be Patient. Be Calm.

What has been the most rewarding and challenging project you have worked on?

It brings a good feeling upon me when I design something that addresses strong social issues in the world. I once designed a three series poster based on Child Hunger. During my research, I became very sadden by what I was seeing and reading. These children were suffering so badly. They were like walking corpses. And what’s even sadder, you can still see these problems in modern time. I grew up around poverty, so these posters I’ve designed came from my heart and soul.

What is your favorite portfolio piece? Why?

I don’t really go back and look at the things I’ve created. Once I’ve designed something, I’ll put it to rest. Self-projects tend to be my favorite pieces. I’m currently working on putting together a book of all my photographs and poems. I’m looking foward to the completion of that book. I’ll keep you posted.

What American art or artist inspires you most?

There aren’t any artist who I look to for inspiration. Ordinary people on the street inspire me. But I do like the works of Pablo PicassoAndy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.