Nate Kadlac

Location: Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

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I grew up in an artistic household, back in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, where my dad had played the role of Senior Art Director in a company for 13 years. I guess you could say I inherited his talents at an early age.

Most of my life I spent painting and drawing the typical sports/comic book heros and taping Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while drawing them from the TV screen. I first touched Photoshop 2.0 in 10th grade but got involved in photography and started using Photoshop 4.0 seriously when I was 17. From there I started doing what I could with design and photography, and just trying to figure out what I could possibly create.

I attended North Hennepin Community College for two years and never really finished school there. Instead, I took an opportunity to work alongside a friend who was in the industry and learn more about the Web and try to back up my talents with a little technical know how. I worked there for two years and then overlapped that with my own business, and started freelancing, which I have been doing now for almost two years.

I hope to be moving to either NY or CA by the end of the year, and making new connections – possibly taking an opportunity with a design firm of some sort. I don’t like making too many goals, but I would like to be creating motion graphics/title sequences for movie trailers in the next five years or so.

I spend most of my time handcuffed to the computer, or outside enjoying the great and unexplainable Minnesota weather.