Michael Lindabury

graphic artist
Location: Miami, Florida

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How did you become a designer?
After moving to NYC to become a world famous artist didn’t work out I picked the next best thing, graphic design. I love design in any form. Form is flow. No matter if its printed images and words, a painting or drawn image, a beautiful building or a chair….. even a landscaped garden. When you see good design you just feel it. You are drawn to it. At least I am, so I wanted to do that in some aspect.

Where are you from originally?
Miami (pronounced Mejammie) moved to New York in 2001, and now back in Miami again.

Who were your main influences growing up?
Mr.T, BMX, Han Solo, Metal Music, Smurfs, The Greatest American Hero, Thrasher Magazine, Jim West, Barnaby Jones, Family and Friends.

Did you go to art school/college or are you self-taught?
I taught myself to draw after being jealous of a classmates hot rod drawing skills in 5th grade. I did go to school for Graphic Design but felt it was a waste of money.

Any advice or tips to novice designers?
Don’t follow design trends MAKE design trends. Forget what is hot right now, or what everyone else is doing. Lead don’t follow. Have an open mind and listen to others opinions about your work. Do your best every time no matter how small a job. Destroy your TV. Work, Work, Work. Listen to that little voice inside your head.

What has been the most rewarding and challenging project you have worked on?
A book of my own artwork.

What is your favorite portfolio piece? Why?
All of them.

What American art or artist inspires you most?
LeRoy Neiman, he influenced me very early on when I saw his Olympic prints they were giving away at McDonalds in the 70’s. He mostly paints sports which i don’t care for but his style is amazing. Also like John Singer Sargent and a whole lot o’ other dead people.