Jason Holland

interactive designer
Location: Seattle, Washington

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How did you become a designer/artist?

I have been accused of being an idealistic dreamer. I got into design because I realized that I had to follow my heart and never sacrifice or compromise my beliefs. Anytime I compromised, things would backfire.

What are you doing now?

Currently, I’m living the life of the struggling artist trying to find his way in the world. My business has been slow to grow, but day by day I’m learning the lessons it takes to make it a success. I am enjoying the opportunity to redesign the site for my first client, Babies On-The-Go Rentals, Inc. In my art, I’m studying african, mayan, and egyptian art and trying to find new and colorful expressionistic character. I come from a family of determined and creative people with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

What are your plans for the future?

My goal is to finally realize my own success as an entrepreneur. I’m sure I’ll probably hit more road bumps along the way, but I am determined to succeed.

What American artist inspires you most?

Walt Disney. As the pioneer in full-length feature film animation, Walt Disney captivated the world with his revolutionary ideas in a time when nobody believed he could do it. With determination and perseverance, he brought animation to the silver screen and took storytelling to a whole new level. If I’m ever feeling like I need a boost of creative energy, I just put in one of Disney’s movies.

What unlocks your creativity?

Creativity can be raw and inspiring and I am always inspired by people who push the creative limits in their chosen profession, regardless of whether others said they could succeed or not. My own creativity is driven by a longing to find inner strength and happiness. Sometimes that means living through the pain and struggles of life. Regardless of whatever the ups and downs are, living by the lessons they can teach seems to find its way into my work, design, and art. Knowing that I’m telling an authentic story is an igniting spark for creativity.