In the Spotlight:
An Interview with Sacha Dean Bïyan

Be inspired! Check out our interview with photographer, filmmaker and author Sacha Dean Bïyan.

Art & Design Icons

Adams, Ansel photographer
Armstrong, Rolf pin-up illustrator
Avedon, Richard photographer
Bass, Saul graphic designer
Bacon, Peggy illustrator
Barnes, Ernie painter & illustrator
Beaton, Cecil photographer
Benton, Thomas Hart painter
Bernini, Gian Lorenzo italian sculptor & architect
Blanch, Andrea photographer
Blass, Bill fashion designer
Boldini, Giovanni dutch painter
Bosch, Hieronymus italian painter
Botticelli, Sandro italian painter
Boucher, François french painter
Bouguereau, William french painter
Bourdin, Guy photographer
Breton, André french painter
Bruegel, Pieter dutch painter
Bryullov, Karl russian painter
Buccellati, Mario jewelry designer
Bulgari, Sotir jewelry designer
Burchfield, Charles E. watercolorist
Bussière, Gaston  french painter & illustrator
Calder, Alexander sculptor
Cartier, Louis Francois jewelry designer
Cassatt, Mary painter
Cezanne, Paul french painter
Chagall, Marc french-russian painter & printmaker
Chan, Wallace jewelry designer
Chanel, Coco french fashion designer
Chopard, Louis-Ulysse watchmaker & jeweller
Church, Frederic Edwin painter
Chwast, Seymour graphic designer
Cole, Thomas english painter
Conner, Bruce american painter
Constable, John english painter
da Cortona, Pietro italian painter
Dalí, Salvador surrealism artist
David, Jacques Louis master french painter
da Vinci, Leonardo master artist
Davis, Stuart painter
Degas, Edgar french painter & sculptor
de la Renta, Oscar fashion designer
Demarchelier, Patrick photographer
Demuth, Charles painter
de Ribera, Jusepe spanish painter
de Rico, Ul painter & illustrator
di Bondone, Giotto italian painter
Dior, Christian french fashion designer
Disney, Walt cartoonist
Donatello italian sculptor
Dürer, Albrecht german painter & printmaker
Eames, Charles furniture designer
Ernst, Max german painter
Escher, MC dutch artist
Fabergé, Gustav jewelry designer
Fischl, Eric painter
Friedrich, Caspar David german painter
Fuseli, Henry swiss painter
Garavani, Valentino fashion designer
Gentileschi, Artemisia italian painter
Gericault, Theodore french painter
Ghirlandaio, Domenico italian painter
Glackens, William J. painter
Glaser, Milton graphic designer
Giger, HR swiss painter
Giorgione italian painter
Goya, Francisco spanish painter
Greco, El greek painter
Hals, Frans dutch painter
Hartley, Marsden painter
Heda, Willem Claeszoon dutch painter
Hirst, Damien artist
Hockney, David pop & modern Artist
Homer, Winslow painter
Hopper, Edward painter and etcher
Horst, Horst P. photographer
Horter, Earle illustrator and painter
Johns, Jasper painter
Johnson, Philip architect
Kandinsky, Wassily russian painter
Katsushika, Hokusai japanese painter
Katz, Alex painter
Kenna, Michael photographer
Kienholz, Edward american artist
Klee, Paul german-swiss painter
Klein, Yves french artist

Klimt, Gustav austrian painter
Kline, Franz american painter
LaChapelle, David photographer
Lalique, René glass designer
Landor, Walter branding pioneer
Leibovitz, Annie photographer
Leutze, Emanuel painter
Lewitt, Sol conceptual artist
Lippi, Filippino italian painter
Lichtenstein, Roy pop & modern artist
Lorrain, Claude  french painter
Luks, George Benjamin painter & illustrator
Magnet, Edouard french painter
Magritte, Rene belgium painter
Marks, Henry Stacy english painter
Marsh, Reginald painter & illustrator
Matisse, Henri french artist
McCurry, Steve photographer
Meisel, Steven photographer
Mengs, Anton Raphael german painter
Michelangelo master artist
Mikimoto, Kōkichi jewelry, first cultured pearl
Millais, Sir John Everett  english painter
Miro, Joan spanish painter
Mondrian, Piet dutch painter
Monet, Claude master french painter
Motherwell, Robert painter & printmaker
Motley, Archibald J. painter
Munch, Edvard norwegian painter
Murillo, Bartolomé Esteban spanish painter
Nagel, Patrick painter
Nelson, Robert Lyn painter
Newman, Arnold photographer
Newton, Helmut photographer
Nitot, Marie-Étienne jewelry designer
O’Keeffe, Georgia painter
Piaget, Georges Edouard watchmaker
Picasso, Pablo master spanish painter
Picou, Henri Pierre french painter
Pissarro, Camille painter
Pollock, Jackson painter
Poussin, Nicolas french painter
Rand, Paul graphic artist
Raphael master italian painter
Rauschenberg, Robert american artist
Razutis, Al holographic artist
Rembrandt dutch painter
Rhodes, Cecil de beers diamond jeweller
Ritts, Herb photographer
Rivera, Diego mexican painter
Rockwell, Norman painter & illustrator
Rosenquist, James painter
Ross, Bob painter
Rousseau, Henri french painter
Rubens, Peter Paul german master painter
Ruscha, Edward painter
Saint Laurent, Yves french fashion designer
Samaras, Lucas sculptor
Scavullo, Francesco photographer
Serra, Richard sculptor
Seurat, Georges painter
Sheeler, Charles photographer & painter
Shinn, Everett painter & printmaker
Sloan, John illustrator & painter
Smith, David sculptor
Sorrenti, Mario photographer
Stoyanov, Svetoslav surrealist artist
Stubbs, George english painter
Tanguy, Yves french artist
Testino, Mario photographer
Tiffany, Charles Lewis jewelry designer
Tiepolo, Giovanni Battista italian painter
Titian italian painter
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri french painter
Turner, J. M. W. english painter
Turrell, James architectural lighting
van Cleef & Arpels jewelry designers
van Dyck, Sir Anthony flemish painter
van Eyck, Jan dutch painter
van Gogh, Vincent master dutch painter
Vermeer, Johannes dutch painter
Versace, Gianni fashion designer
Vettriano, Jack english painter
Warhol, Andy pop art painter
Winston, Harry jewelry designer
Wood, Grant painter
Wright, Frank Lloyd architect
Wyeth, Andrew painter

In the Spotlight:
An Interview with Svetoslav Stoyanov

Be inspired! Check out our interview with artist Svetoslav Stoyanov. His oil paintings have been described as exquisite manifestations of a gifted mind that are formed by surrealist compositions able to transform the subjects into entirely novel and unexpected entities capable of surprising and moving an observer.

In the Spotlight:
An Interview with Manfred Baumann

Be inspired! Area of Design was honored to interview the Leica photographer, Manfred BaumannWe spoke with Manfred to get his personal take on portrait photography and find out why he loves shooting with the Leica SL.

In the Spotlight:
An Interview with Wallace Chan

Area of Design was honored to interview the iconic jewelry artist, Wallace Chan. Our interview starts with his journey into intricate designed jewelry and carved gemstones, also known as ‘The Wallace Cut’, to his artistic influences.

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