Art and Design is our passion.

Area of design is a completely volunteer-based resource to help promote creative talent and give each artist an outlet to shine. We feature talent directly on our home page and dedicated artist page. No advertising or gimmicks are used on the AOD site, so funding through Patreon is our only means for supporting our cause.

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About AOD

Area of Design was founded in May 2002 and is based in the United States. Over the last 15 years, the AOD team has been dedicated to building a premier educational resource for art and design, showcasing creatives worldwide. Art and Design is our passion and we encourage the art community to express themselves and inspire others by educating and nurturing creative talent.

AOD is excited to announce a complete revamp of our site and is gearing up to feature and promote fresh talent. Our goal is to elevate art and design so it better reflects each individual’s passion. Please check back soon for updates.

AOD’s scope includes the following disciplines:

Automotive Design
Digital Design
Fashion Design
Furniture Design
Graphic Design

Interior Design
Jewelry Design
And More!

AOD features:

An international listing of creative resources.

Educational features of iconic artists and designers.

Exclusive interviews with creative industry professionals.

A guide to international events, museums, and more.

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